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Who is Donato?

Quality and a certain atmosphere don’t just happen by chance, you need qualified staff. This is where we tell you who we are:


Alexander Coenen

Co-Owner of Donato Ristorante Pizzeria

Alexander is your familiar face in our restaurant. He is your host but since January 1st 2021 also co-owner of our hidden gem. He has an Italian mother and a Dutch father. This is why he onderstands both the Dutch and Italian culture perfectly and this is also the key to a smooth communication.


Dario Donato

Owner of the brand Donato, Donato Delicatessen, Donato Ristorante

"Being from the South of Italy I am extremely proud of my heritage. You can really experience the true Italian, sorry Napolitan, flavours here. I also really love the garden we have, such a unique place with it’s canal. In summer the terrace is amazing, it feels like a short holiday combined with our dishes and wines. In winter you feel the cosiness of our interior. Everyone is so welcome and I think our guests can feel it. It’s really something you should try."


Marije Donato

Office Manager

"The Italian culture and language have been my passion since my first trip to Italy when I was 14. I moved to Italy on my own when I was 19 years old and obviously fell in love with the food as well. Coming back to The Netherlands together with my husband Dario we first openend Donato Delicatessen, it came naturally to us to open a restaurant as a second step. We want to share the flavors and atmosphere with our guests. This place is what we wished for."

Work at Donato?