We bring you

The true taste of Italy

Just here in The Hague; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Open 7 days a week
Sunday Open for LUNCH too from 12:00

This is what we stand for:

Full flavours, veggies grown under the Italian sun, rich cheeses, tender meat dishes you’ve never tried before, pizza’s with 48-hour rosen dough and fresh fish you only have during your holiday at sea, with a glass of wine in your hand.

Also, it’s a little closer than Italy, we are just here in The Hague. it doesn’t get any better than that!

Dario says: “You can really experience the true Italian, sorry Napolitan, flavours here. Either fish or meat and really great wines that I accurately pick myself. I also really love the garden we have, such a unique place with it’s canal and the view over the forest. For a lovely day you can just sit here and enjoy the outside together with all we have to offer. It’s really something you should try.”

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Marinated salmon
Polipetti alla Luciana

Our menu

We have a changing menu, but just to give you an idea, what do you think about our “Parmigiana di melanzane”? Doesn’t it look great with its eggplants from Italy, but above all, what is that taste! With its creamy mozzarella and its tomato sauce we have been preparing for hours, it’s a must-try!

What to say about our home made desserts… What are you having tonight? A home made tiramisú, a cherry “crostata” or a chocolate sinner? We prepare you something different everyday.

Are you here for pizza?
You are absolutely right!

We let our dough rise for about 48 hours to get you a soft crust, just like in Naples, because that of course is where the pizza originated. And let’s be honest, it isn’t that easy to create the perfect Napolitan pizza.

So how do we do it?
We use the best flour and yeast, only vegetebles from Italy that grew under the Italian sun, which already makes a huge difference. Then we bake them in our wood-oven in the morning. Together with true Napolitan tomato sauce and not to forget a pair of “golden hands”, we make it a true Napolitan pizza.